Generated documentation for Mixer's adapters.

  • Circonus. Adapter for's monitoring solution.
  • Datadog. Adapter to deliver metrics to a dogstatsd agent for delivery to DataDog
  • Denier. Adapter that always returns a precondition denial.
  • Fluentd. Adapter that delivers logs to a fluentd daemon.
  • Kubernetes Env. Adapter that extracts information from a Kubernetes environment.
  • List. Adapter that performs whitelist or blacklist checks
  • Memory quota. Adapter for a simple in-memory quota management system.
  • OPA. Adapter that implements an Open Policy Agent engine
  • Prometheus. Adapter that exposes Istio metrics for ingestion by a Prometheus harvester.
  • RBAC. Adapter that exposes Istio's Role-Based Access Control model.
  • Redis Quota. Adapter for a Redis-based quota management system.
  • Service Control. Adapter that delivers logs and metrics to Google Service Control
  • SolarWinds. Adapter to deliver logs and metrics to Papertrail and AppOptics backends
  • Stackdriver. Adapter to deliver logs and metrics to Stackdriver
  • StatsD. Adapter to deliver metrics to a StatsD backend
  • Stdio. Adapter for outputting logs and metrics locally.

To implement a new adapter for Mixer, please refer to the Adapter Developer’s Guide.