Staging Your Changes

This page shows how to stage content that you want to contribute to the Istio documentation.

Before you begin

Create a fork of the Istio documentation repository as described in Creating a Doc Pull Request.

Staging locally

See Detailed instructions and options on GitHub

Once Jekyll is running, you can open a web browser and go to http://localhost:4000 to see your changes. You can make further changes to the content in your repo and just refresh your browser page to see the results, no need to restart Jekyll all the time.

Staging from your GitHub account

Hey, you know, you’re much better off staging locally using the above procedure. Just sayin’…

GitHub provides staging of content in your master branch. Note that you might not want to merge your changes into your master branch. If that is the case, choose another option for staging your content.

  1. In your GitHub account, in your fork, merge your changes into the master branch.

  2. Change the name of your repository to <your-username>, where <your-username> is the username of your GitHub account.

  3. Delete the CNAME file.

  4. View your staged content at this URL: https://<your-username>