Our community

Istio is an open source project with an active community that supports its use and on-going development. We’d love for you to join us and get involved!

There are quite a few ways to get plugged in with the Istio community. See below to learn the best approach for different cases.

If you are having trouble or are trying to report bugs.
Join the istio-users mailing list to participate in discussions and get help troubleshooting problems using Istio. The istio-announce mailing list is where you can get announcements regarding Istio. And finally, the istio-dev mailing list is there to help developers hacking on Istio’s code.
Follow us on Twitter to get the latest news.
GitHub is where development takes place on Istio code.
Stack Overflow is for practical questions and curated answers on deploying, configuring, and using Istio.