Change Notes

Known Issues

  • Wasm extension configuration updates can be disruptive (see Issue #29843).

Traffic Management

  • Added Add pprof endpoint to pilot-agent. (Issue #28040)

  • Added Allow enabling gRPC logging with –log_output_level for pilot. (Issue #28482)

  • Added a new experimental proxy option DNS_AUTO_ALLOCATE, to control auto allocation of ServiceEntry addresses. Previously, this option was tied to DNS_CAPTURE. Now, DNS_CAPTURE can be enabled without auto allocation. See Smart DNS Proxying for more info. (Issue #29324)

  • Fixed istiod will no longer generate listeners for privileged gateway ports (<1024) if the gateway Pod does not have sufficient permissions. (Issue #27566)

  • Fixed an issue that caused very high memory usage with a large number of ServiceEntries. (Issue #25531)

  • Removed support for reading Istio configuration over the Mesh Configuration Protocol (MCP). (Pull Request #28634)


  • Added option to allow users to enable token exchange for their XDS flows, which exchanges a k8s token for a token that can be authenticated by their XDS servers. (Issue #29943)

  • Added OIDC JWT authenticator that supports both JWKS-URI and OIDC discovery. The OIDC JWT authenticator will be used when configured through the JWT_RULE env variable. (Issue #30295)

  • Added support of PeerAuthentication per-port-level configuration on pass through filter chains. (Issue #27994)

  • Added an experimental CUSTOM action in AuthorizationPolicy for integration with external authorization systems like OPA, OAuth2 and more. See the blog on this feature for more info. (Issue #27790)


  • Added Istio Grafana Dashboards Query Reporter Dropdown. (Issue #27595)

  • Added canonical service tags to Envoy-generated trace spans. (Pull Request #28801)

  • Fixed an issue to allow nested JSON structure in meshConfig.accessLogFormat. (Issue #28597)

  • Updated Prometheus metrics to include source_cluster and destination_cluster labels by default for all scenarios. Previously, this was only enabled for multi-cluster scenarios. (Pull Request #30036)

  • Updated default access log to include RESPONSE_CODE_DETAILS and CONNECTION_TERMINATION_DETAILS for proxy version >= 1.9. (Pull Request #27903)



  • Added Correctly iptables rules and listener filters setting to support original src ip preserve in TPROXY mode within a cluster. (Issue #23369)

  • Fixed a bug where locality weights are only applied when outlier detection is enabled. (Issue #28942)


  • Added post-install/in-place upgrade verification of control plane health. Use --verify flag with istioctl install or istioctl upgrade. (Issue #21715)

  • Added Add pprof endpoint to pilot-agent. (Issue #28040)

  • Added enableIstioConfigCRDs to base to allow user specify whether the Istio CRDs will be installed. (Pull Request #28346)

  • Added Istio 1.9 supports Kubernetes versions 1.17 to 1.20. (Issue #30176)

  • Added support for applications that bind to their pod IP address, rather than wildcard or localhost address, through the Sidecar API. (Pull Request #28178)

  • Fixed revision is not applied to the scale target reference of HorizontalPodAutoscaler when helm values for hpa are specified explicitly. (Issue #30203)

  • Improved the sidecar injector to better utilize pod labels to determine if injection is required. This is not enabled by default in this release, but can be tested using --set values.sidecarInjectorWebhook.useLegacySelectors=false. (Pull Request #30013)

  • Updated Kiali addon to the latest version v1.29 . (Pull Request #30438)


  • Added istioctl install will detect different Istio version installed (istioctl, control plan version) and display warning. (Issue #18487)

  • Added istioctl apply as an alias for istioctl install. (Issue #28753)

  • Added --browser flag to istioctl dashboard, which controls whether you want to open a browser to view the dashboard. (Issue #29022)

  • Added istioctl verify-install will indicate errors in red and expected configuration in green. (Issue #29336)

  • Added the severity level for each analysis message in the validationMessages field within the status field. (Issue #29445)

  • Added WorkloadEntry resources will be read from all clusters in multi-cluster installations and do not need to be duplicated. Makes Virtual Machine auto-registration compatible with multi-primary multi-cluster. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled by setting the PILOT_ENABLE_CROSS_CLUSTER_WORKLOAD_ENTRY environment variable in istiod. (Issue #29026)

  • Added istioctl analyze now informs if deprecated or alpha-level annotations are present. (These checks can be disabled using --suppress "IST0135=*" and --suppress "IST0136=*" respectively.) (Issue #29154)

  • Added istioctl x injector list command to show which namespaces have Istio sidecar injection and, for control plane canaries, show all Istio injectors and the namespaces they control. (Issue #23892)

  • Fixed istioctl wait now tracks resource’s metadata.generation field, rather than metadata.resourceVersion. Command line arguments have been updated to reflect this. (Issue #28797)

  • Fixed namespace shorthand flag missing in dashboard subcommand. (Issue #28970)

  • Fixed istioctl dashboard controlz could not port forward to istiod pod. (Issue #30208)

  • Fixed installation issue in which --readiness-timeout flag is not honored. (Issue #30221)

  • Improved verify-install detects Istio injector without control plane. (Issue #29607)

  • Removed istioctl convert-ingress command. (Issue #29153)

  • Removed istioctl experimental multicluster command. (Issue #29153)

  • Removed istioctl experimental post-install webhook command. (Issue #29153)

  • Removed istioctl register and deregister commands. (Issue #29153)

  • Updated istioctl proxy-config log to allow filtering logs based on label. (Issue #27490)


  • Added The locality load balancing docs have been re-written into a formal traffic management task. The new docs describe in more detail how locality load balancing works as well as how to configure both failover and weighted distribution. In addition, the new docs are now automatically verified for correctness. (Pull Request #29651)
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