Announcing Istio 1.9.4

Patch Release

This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.9.3 and Istio 1.9.4


  • Fixed an issue where the Istio operator prunes all resources created by the operator, including itself. Now the operator will only remove resources belonging to the custom resource. (Issue #30833)

  • Fixed an issue ensuring lease duration is always greater than the user configured RENEW_DEADLINE for Istio operator manager. (Issue #27509)

  • Fixed an issue where a certificate provisioned by sidecar proxy cannot be used by Prometheus. (Issue #29919)

  • Fixed an issue that creates an IOP under istio-system when installing Istio in another namespace. (Issue #31517)

  • Fixed an issue when using PeerAuthentication to turn off mTLS while using multi-network. Now non-mTLS endpoints will be removed from cross-network load-balancing endpoints to prevent 500 errors. (Issue #28798)

  • Fixed istiod never becoming ready when it fails to read resources from clusters configured via remote secrets. After a timeout configured by PILOT_REMOTE_CLUSTER_TIMEOUT (default 30s), istiod will become ready without syncing remote clusters. The stat remote_cluster_sync_timeouts will be incremented when this occurs. (Issue #30838)

  • Fixed an issue where istiod will not create a self-signed root CA and istio-ca-root-cert configmap when is kubernetes. (Issue #32023)

  • Improved the istioctl x workload command to configure VMs to disable inbound iptables capture for admin ports, matching the behavior of Kubernetes Pods. (Issue #29412)

  • Improved performance of istiod when running on clusters with thousands of namespaces. (Issue #32269

  • Improved detection of Server Side Apply in Kubernetes. (Issue #32101)

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