Announcing Istio 1.8.2

Patch Release

This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.8.1 and Istio 1.8.2


  • Improved WorkloadEntry auto-registration stability. (PR #29876)

  • Fixed the CA’s certificate signature algorithm to be the default algorithm corresponding to the CA’s signing key type. (Issue #27238)

  • Fixed Newer control plane installations were removing permissions for from istiod, causing older control planes relying on that CRD group to hang on restart. (Issue #29364)

  • Fixed empty service ports for customized gateway. (Issue #29608)

  • Fixed an issue causing usage of deprecated filter names in EnvoyFilter to overwrite other EnvoyFilters. (Issue #29858)(Issue #29909)

  • Fixed an issue causing EnvoyFilters that match filter chains to fail to properly apply. (PR #29486)

  • Fixed an issue causing a Secret named <secret>-cacert to have lower precedence than a Secret named <secret> for Gateway Mutual TLS. This behavior was accidentally inverted in Istio 1.8; this change restores the behavior to match Istio 1.7 and earlier. (Issue #29856)

  • Fixed an issue causing only internal ALPN values to be set during external TLS origination. (Issue #24619)

  • Fixed an issue causing client side application TLS requests sent to a PERMISSIVE mode enabled server to fail. (Issue #29538)

  • Fixed an issue causing the targetPort option to not take affect for WorkloadEntrys with multiple ports. (PR #29887)

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