Announcing Istio 1.7.1

Patch Release

This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.7.0 and Istio 1.7.1


  • Added Envoy ext authz and gRPC access log API support in Mixer, which makes Mixer based configuration and out of process adapter still work after upgrading to future versions of Istio. (Issue #23580)

  • Fixed the istioctl x authz check command to work properly with the v1beta1 AuthorizationPolicy. (PR #26625)

  • Fixed unreachable endpoints for non-injected workloads across networks by removing them. (Issue #26517)

  • Fixed enabling hold application until proxy starts feature flag breaking rewriting application probe logic. (Issue #26873)

  • Fixed deleting the remote-secret for multicluster installation removes remote endpoints. (Issue #27187)

  • Fixed missing endpoints when Service is populated later than Endpoints.

  • Fixed an issue causing headless Service updates to be missed (Issue #26617). (Issue #26617)

  • Fixed an issue with Kiali RBAC permissions which prevented its deployment from working properly. (Issue #27109)

  • Fixed an issue where remove-from-mesh did not remove the init containers when using Istio CNI (Issue #26938)

  • Fixed Kiali to use anonymous authentication strategy since newer versions have removed the login authentication strategy.

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