Announcing Istio 1.6.9

Patch Release

This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.6.8 and Istio 1.6.9.


  • Added istioctl analyzer to detect when Destination Rules do not specify caCertificates (Istio #25652)
  • Added missing telemetry.loadshedding.* options to mixer container arguments
  • Fixed HTTP match request without headers conflict
  • Fixed Istio operator to watch multiple namespaces (Istio #26317)
  • Fixed EDS cache when an endpoint appears after its service resource (Istio #26983)
  • Fixed istioctl remove-from-mesh not removing init containers on CNI installations.
  • Fixed istioctl add-to-mesh and remove-from-mesh commands from affecting OwnerReferences (Istio #26720)
  • Fixed cleaning up of service information when the cluster secret is deleted
  • Fixed egress gateway ports binding to 80443 due to user permissions
  • Fixed gateway listeners created with traffic direction outbound to be drained properly on exit
  • Fixed headless services not updating listeners (Istio #26617)
  • Fixed inaccurate endpointsPendingPodUpdate metric
  • Fixed ingress SDS from not getting secret update (Istio #18912)
  • Fixed ledger capacity size
  • Fixed operator to update service monitor due to invalid permissions (Istio #26961)
  • Fixed regression in gateway name resolution (Istio 26264)
  • Fixed rotated certificates not being stored to /etc/istio-certs VolumeMount (Istio #26821)
  • Fixed trust domain validation in transport socket level (Istio #26435)
  • Improved specifying network for a cluster without meshNetworks also being configured
  • Improved the cache readiness state with TTL (Istio #26418)
  • Updated SDS timeout to fetch workload certificates to 0s
  • Updated app_containers to use comma separated values for container specification
  • Updated default protocol sniffing timeout to 5s (Istio #24379)
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