Announcing Istio 1.6.5

Patch Release

This release fixes the security vulnerability described in our July 9th, 2020 news post.

This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness. These release notes describe what’s different between Istio 1.6.5 and Istio 1.6.4.

Security update

  • CVE-2020-15104: When validating TLS certificates, Envoy incorrectly allows a wildcard DNS Subject Alternative Name to apply to multiple subdomains. For example, with a SAN of *, Envoy incorrectly allows, when it should only allow


  • Fixed return the proper source name after Mixer does a lookup by IP if multiple pods have the same IP.
  • Improved the sidecar injection control based on revision at a per-pod level (Issue 24801)
  • Improved istioctl validate to disallow unknown fields not included in the Open API specification (Issue 24860)
  • Changed stsPort to sts_port in Envoy’s bootstrap file.
  • Preserved existing WASM state schema for state objects to reference it later as needed.
  • Added targetUri to stackdriver_grpc_service.
  • Updated WASM state to log for Access Log Service.
  • Increased default protocol detection timeout from 100 ms to 5 s (Issue 24379)
  • Removed UDP port 53 from Istiod.
  • Allowed setting to zero (Issue 24722)
  • Fixed EDS endpoint selection for subsets with no or empty label selector. (Issue 24969)
  • Allowed k8s.overlays on BaseComponentSpec. (Issue 24476)
  • Fixed istio-agent to create elliptical curve CSRs when ECC_SIGNATURE_ALGORITHM is set.
  • Improved mapping of gRPC status codes into HTTP domain for telemetry.
  • Fixed scaleTargetRef naming in HorizontalPodAutoscaler for Istiod (Issue 24809)
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