Change Notes

Traffic management

  • Improved performance of the ServiceEntry resource by avoiding unnecessary full pushes #19305
  • Improved Envoy sidecar readiness probe to more accurate determine readiness #18164.
  • Improved performance of Envoy proxy configuration updates via xDS by sending partial updates where possible #18354.
  • Added an option to configure locality load balancing settings for each targeted service via destination rule#18406.
  • Fixed an issue where pods crashing would trigger excessive Envoy proxy configuration pushes #18574.
  • Fixed issues with applications such as headless services to call themselves directly without going through Envoy proxy #19308.
  • Added detection of iptables failure when using Istio CNI #19534
  • Added consecutiveGatewayErrors and consecutive5xxErrors as outlier detection options within destination rule #19771.
  • Improved EnvoyFilter matching performance #19786
  • Added support for HTTP_PROXY protocol #19919.
  • Improved iptables setup to use iptables-restore by default #18847.
  • Improved Gateway performance by filtering unused clusters. This setting is disabled by default #20124.


  • Graduated SDS to stable and enabled by default. It provides identity provisioning for Istio Envoy proxies.
  • Added Beta authentication API. The new API separates peer (i.e mutual TLS) and origin (JWT) authentication into PeerAuthentication and RequestAuthentication respectively. Both new APIs are workload-oriented, as opposed to service-oriented in alpha AuthenticationPolicy.
  • Added deny semantics and exclusion matching to Authorization Policy.
  • Graduated auto mutual TLS from alpha to beta. This feature is now enabled by default.
  • Improved SDS security by merging Node Agent with Pilot Agent as Istio Agent and removing cross-pod UDS, which no longer requires users to deploy Kubernetes pod security policies for UDS connections.
  • Improved Istio by including certificate provisioning functionality within Istiod.
  • Added Support Kubernetes first-party-jwt as a fallback token for CSR authentication in clusters where third-party-jwt is not supported.
  • Added Support Istio CA and Kubernetes CA to provision certificates for the control plane, configurable via
  • Added Istio Agent provisions a key and certificates for Prometheus.


  • Added TCP protocol support for v2 telemetry.
  • Added gRPC response status code support in metrics/logs.
  • Added support for Istio Canonical Service.
  • Improved stability of v2 telemetry pipeline.
  • Added alpha-level support for configurability in v2 telemetry.
  • Added support for populating AWS platform metadata in Envoy node metadata.
  • Improved Stackdriver adapter for Mixer to support configurable flush intervals for tracing data.
  • Added support for a headless collector service to the Jaeger addon.
  • Fixed kubernetesenv adapter to provide proper support for pods that contain a dot in their name.
  • Improved the Fluentd adapter for Mixer to provide millisecond-resolution in exported timestamps.

Configuration management


  • Replaced the alpha IstioControlPlane API with the new IstioOperator API to align with existing MeshConfig API.
  • Added istioctl operator init and istioctl operator remove commands.
  • Improved reconciliation speed with caching operator#667.


  • Graduated Istioctl Analyze out of experimental.
  • Added various analyzers: mutual TLS, JWT, ServiceAssociation, Secret, sidecar image, port name and policy deprecated analyzers.
  • Updated more validation rules for RequestAuthentication.
  • Added a new flag -A|--all-namespaces to istioctl analyze to analyze the entire cluster.
  • Added support for analyzing content passed via stdin to istioctl analyze.
  • Added istioctl analyze -L to show a list of all analyzers available.
  • Added the ability to suppress messages from istioctl analyze.
  • Added structured format options to istioctl analyze.
  • Added links to relevant documentation to istioctl analyze output.
  • Updated annotation methods provided by Istio API in Istioctl Analyze.
  • Updated istioctl analyze now loads files from a directory.
  • Updated istioctl analyze to try to associate message with their source filename.
  • Updated istioctl analyze to print the namespace that is being analyzed.
  • Updated istioctl analyze to analyze in-cluster resources by default.
  • Fixed bug where istioctl analyze suppressed cluster-level resource messages.
  • Added support for multiple input files to istioctl manifest.
  • Replaced the IstioControlPlane API with the IstioOperator API.
  • Added selector for istioctl dashboard.
  • Added support for slices and lists in istioctl manifest --set flag.
  • Added support for istioctl manifest to read profiles from stdin.
  • Added a docker/istioctl image #19079.
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