Announcing Istio 1.5.6

Patch Release

This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.5.5 and Istio 1.5.6.


  • Updated Node.js and jQuery versions used in bookinfo.


  • Fixed Transfer-Encoding value case-sensitivity in Envoy (Envoy’s issue 10041)
  • Fixed handling of user defined ingress gateway configuration (Issue 23303)
  • Fixed Add TCP MX ALPN in UpstreamTlsContext for clusters that specify http2_protocol_options (Issue 23907)
  • Fixed election lock for namespace configmap controller.
  • Fixed istioctl validate -f for rules (Issue 24064)
  • Fixed aggregate clusters configuration (Issue 23909)
  • Fixed Prometheus mTLS poods scraping (Issue 22391)
  • Fixed ingress crash for overlapping hosts without match (Issue 22910)
  • Fixed Istio telemetry Pod crashes (Issue 23813)
  • Removed hard-coded operator namespace (Issue 24073)
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