Announcing Istio 1.4.4

Patch Release

This release includes bug fixes to improve robustness and user experience as well as a fix for the security vulnerability described in our February 11th, 2020 news post. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.4.3 and Istio 1.4.4.

Security update

  • ISTIO-SECURITY-2020-001 An improper input validation has been discovered in AuthenticationPolicy.

CVE-2020-8595: A bug in Istio’s Authentication Policy exact path matching logic allows unauthorized access to resources without a valid JWT token.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Debian packaging of iptables scripts (Issue 19615).
  • Fixed an issue where Pilot generated a wrong Envoy configuration when the same port was used more than once (Issue 19935).
  • Fixed an issue where running multiple instances of Pilot could lead to a crash (Issue 20047).
  • Fixed a potential flood of configuration pushes from Pilot to Envoy when scaling the deployment to zero (Issue 17957).
  • Fixed an issue where Mixer could not fetch the correct information from the request/response when pod contains a dot in its name (Issue 20028).
  • Fixed an issue where Pilot sometimes would not send a correct pod configuration to Envoy (Issue 19025).
  • Fixed an issue where sidecar injector with SDS enabled was overwriting pod securityContext section, instead of just patching it (Issue 20409).


  • Improved Better compatibility with Google CA. (Issues 20530, 20560).
  • Improved Added analyzer error message when Policies using JWT are not configured properly (Issues 20884, 20767).
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