Announcing Istio 1.3.7

Patch Release

This release includes bug fixes to improve robustness. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.3.6 and Istio 1.3.7.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed root certificate rotation in Citadel to reuse values from the expiring root certificate into the new root certificate (Issue 19644).
  • Fixed telemetry to ignore forwarded attributes at the gateway.
  • Fixed sidecar injection into pods with containers that export no port (Issue 18594).
  • Added telemetry support for pod names containing periods (Issue 19015).
  • Added support for generating PKCS#8 private keys in Citadel agent (Issue 19948).

Minor enhancements

  • Improved injection template to fully specify securityContext, allowing PodSecurityPolicies to properly validate injected deployments (Issue 17318).
  • Added support for setting the lifecycle for proxy containers.
  • Added support for setting the Mesh UID in the Stackdriver Mixer adapter (Issue 17952).

Security update

CVE-2020-8843: Under certain circumstances it is possible to bypass a specifically configured Mixer policy. Istio-proxy accepts x-istio-attributes header at ingress that can be used to affect policy decisions when Mixer policy selectively applies to source equal to ingress. Istio 1.3 to 1.3.6 is vulnerable.

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