Announcing Istio 1.1.8

Patch Release

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Istio 1.1.8. Please see below for what’s changed.

Bug fixes

  • Fix PASSTHROUGH DestinationRules for CDS clusters (Issue 13744).
  • Make the appVersion and version fields in the Helm charts display the correct Istio version (Issue 14290).
  • Fix Mixer crash affecting both policy and telemetry servers (Issue 14235).
  • Fix multicluster issue where two pods in different clusters could not share the same IP address (Issue 14066).
  • Fix issue where Citadel could generate a new root CA if it cannot contact the Kubernetes API server, causing mutual TLS verification to incorrectly fail (Issue 14512).
  • Improve Pilot validation to reject different VirtualServices with the same domain since Envoy will not accept them (Issue 13267).
  • Fix locality load balancing issue where only one replica in a locality would receive traffic (13994).
  • Fix issue where Pilot Agent might not notice a TLS certificate rotation (Issue 14539).
  • Fix a LuaJIT panic in Envoy (Envoy Issue 6994).
  • Fix a race condition where Envoy might reuse a HTTP/1.1 connection after the downstream peer had already closed the TCP connection, causing 503 errors and retries (Issue 14037).
  • Fix a tracing issue in Mixer’s Zipkin adapter causing missing spans (Issue 13391).

Small enhancements

  • Reduce Pilot log spam by logging the the endpoints within network ... will be ignored for no network configured message at DEBUG.
  • Make it easier to rollback by making pilot-agent ignore unknown flags.
  • Update Citadel’s default root CA certificate TTL from 1 year to 10 years.
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