Announcing Istio 1.1.3

Patch Release

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Istio 1.1.3. Please see below for what’s changed.

Known issues with 1.1.3

  • A panic in the Node Agent was discovered late in the 1.1.3 qualification process. The panic only occurs in clusters with the alpha-quality SDS certificate rotation feature enabled. Since this is the first time we have included SDS certificate rotation in our long-running release tests, we don’t know whether this is a latent bug or a new regression. Considering SDS certificate rotation is in alpha, we have decided to release 1.1.3 with this issue and target a fix for the 1.1.4 release.

Bug fixes

  • Istio-specific back-ports of Envoy patches for CVE-2019-9900 and CVE-2019-9901 included in Istio 1.1.2 have been dropped in favor of an Envoy update which contains the final version of the patches.

  • Fix load balancer weight setting for split horizon EDS.

  • Fix typo in the default Envoy JSON log format (Issue 12232).

  • Correctly reload out-of-process adapter address upon configuration change (Issue 12488).

  • Restore Kiali settings that were accidentally deleted (Issue 3660).

  • Prevent services with same target port resulting in duplicate inbound listeners (Issue 9504).

  • Fix issue with configuring Sidecar egress ports for namespaces other than istio-system resulting in a envoy.tcp_proxy filter of BlackHoleCluster by auto binding to services for Sidecar listeners (Issue 12536).

  • Fix gateway vhost configuration generation issue by favoring more specific host matches (Issue 12655).

  • Fix ALLOW_ANY so it now allows external traffic if there is already an http service present on a port.

  • Fix validation logic so that is no longer a valid PortSelection.

  • Fix istioctl proxy-config cluster cluster type column rendering (Issue 12455).

  • Fix SDS secret mount configuration.

  • Fix incorrect Istio version in the Helm charts.

  • Fix partial DNS failures in the presence of overlapping ports (Issue 11658).

  • Fix Helm podAntiAffinity template error (Issue 12790).

  • Fix bug with the original destination service discovery not using the original destination load balancer.

  • Fix SDS memory leak in the presence of invalid or missing keying materials (Issue 13197).

Small enhancements

  • Hide ServiceAccounts from PushContext log to reduce log volume.

  • Configure localityLbSetting in values.yaml by passing it through to the mesh configuration.

  • Remove the soon-to-be deprecated critical-pod annotation from Helm charts (Issue 12650).

  • Support pod anti-affinity annotations to improve control plane availability (Issue 11333).

  • Pretty print IP addresses in access logs.

  • Remove redundant write header to further reduce log volume.

  • Improve destination host validation in Pilot.

  • Explicitly configure istio-init to run as root so use of pod-level securityContext.runAsUser doesn’t break it (Issue 5453).

  • Add configuration samples for Vault integration.

  • Respect locality load balancing weight settings from ServiceEntry.

  • Make the TLS certificate location watched by Pilot Agent configurable (Issue 11984).

  • Add support for Datadog tracing.

  • Add alias to istioctl so ‘x’ can be used instead of ‘experimental’.

  • Provide improved distribution of sidecar certificate by adding jitter to their CSR requests.

  • Allow weighted load balancing registry locality to be configured.

  • Add support for standard CRDs for compiled-in Mixer adapters.

  • Reduce Pilot resource requirements for demo configuration.

  • Fully populate Galley dashboard by adding data source (Issue 13040).

  • Propagate Istio 1.1 sidecar performance tuning to the istio-gateway.

  • Improve destination host validation by rejecting * hosts (Issue 12794).

  • Expose upstream idle_timeout in cluster definition so dead connections can sometimes be removed from connection pools before they are used (Issue 9113).

  • When registering a Sidecar resource to restrict what a pod can see, the restrictions are now applied if the spec contains a workloadSelector (Issue 11818).

  • Update the Bookinfo example to use port 80 for TLS origination.

  • Add liveness probe for Citadel.

  • Improve AWS ELB interoperability by making 15020 the first port listed in the ingressgateway service (Issue 12502).

  • Use outlier detection for failover mode but not for distribute mode for locality weighted load balancing (Issues 12965).

  • Replace generation of Envoy’s deprecated enabled field in CorsPolicy with the replacement filter_enabled field for 1.1.0+ sidecars only.

  • Standardize labels on Mixer’s Helm charts.

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