Change Notes

Traffic Management

  • Added config option, which causes the sidecar injector to inject the sidecar at the start of the pod’s container list and configures it to block the start of all other containers until the proxy is ready. This option is disabled by default. (Issue #11130)
  • Added SDS support for Client Certificate and CA certificate used for TLS/mTLS Origination from Egress Gateway using DestinationRule. (Issue #14039)


  • Improved Trust Domain Validation to validate TCP traffic as well, previously only HTTP traffic was validated. (Issue #26224)
  • Improved Istio Gateways to allow use of source principal based authorization when the Server’s TLS mode is ISTIO_MUTUAL. (Issue #25818)
  • Improved VM security. VM identity is now bootstrapped from a short-lived Kubernetes service account token. And VM’s workload certificate is automatically rotated. (Issue #24554)


  • Added Prometheus metrics to istio-agent. (Issue #22825)
  • Added Metric customization with istioctl. (Issue #25963)
  • Added TCP Metrics and Access Logs to Stackdriver. (Issue #23134)
  • Deprecated installation of telemetry addons by istioctl. These will be disabled by default, and in a future release removed entirely. More information on installing these addons can be found in the Integrations page. (Issue #22762)
  • Enabled Prometheus metrics merging by default. (Issue #21366)
  • Fixed Prometheus metrics merging to not drop Envoy metrics during application failures. (Issue #22825)
  • Fixed Fix unexplained telemetry which affects Kiali graph. This fix increases default outbound protocol sniffing timeout to 5s, which has impact on server first protocol like mysql. (Issue #24379)
  • Removed the pilot_xds_eds_instances and pilot_xds_eds_all_locality_endpoints Istiod metrics, which were not accurate. (Issue #25154)


  • Added RPM packages for running the Istio sidecar on a VM to the release. (Issue #9117)
  • Added experimental external Istiod support.
  • Fixed an issue preventing NodePort services from being used as the registryServiceName in meshNetworks.
  • Improved gateway deployments to run as non-root by default. (Issue #23379)
  • Improved the operator to run as non-root by default. (Issue #24960)
  • Improved the operator by specifying a rigorous security context. (Issue #24963)
  • Improved Istiod to run as non-root by default. (Issue #24961)
  • Improved Kubernetes strategic merge is used to overlay IstioOperator user files, which improves how list items are handled. (Issue #24432)
  • Upgraded the CRD and Webhook versions to v1. (Issue #18771),(Issue #18838)


  • Added Allow proxy-status <pod> command for non Kubernetes workloads with proxy config passed in from the --file parameter.
  • Added a configuration file to hold istioctl default flags. Its default location ($HOME/.istioctl/config.yaml) can be changed using the environment variable ISTIOCONFIG. The new command istioctl experimental config list shows the default flags. (Issue #23868)
  • Added --revision flag to istioctl operator init and istioctl operator remove commands to support multiple control plane upgrade. (Issue #23479)
  • Added istioctl x uninstall command to uninstall Istio control plane. (Issue #24360)
  • Improved istioctl analyze to warn if deprecated mixer resources are present (Issue #24471)
  • Improved istioctl analyze to warn if DestinationRule is not using CaCertificates to validate server identity.
  • Improved istioctl validate to check for unknown fields in resources. (Issue #24861)
  • Improved istioctl install to emit a warning when attempting to install Istio in an old, non supported Kubernetes version. (Issue #26141)
  • Removed istioctl manifest apply. The simpler install command replaces manifest apply. (Issue #25737)

Documentation changes

  • Added visual indication if an page has been tested by automated tests. (Issue #7672)
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