Diagnostic Tools

Tools and techniques to help troubleshoot an Istio mesh.

Using the Istioctl Command-line Tool

Istio includes a supplemental tool that provides debugging and diagnosis for Istio service mesh deployments.

Debugging Envoy and Istiod

Describes tools and techniques to diagnose Envoy configuration issues related to traffic management.

Understand your Mesh with Istioctl Describe

Shows you how to use istioctl describe to verify the configurations of a pod in your mesh.

Diagnose your Configuration with Istioctl Analyze

Shows you how to use istioctl analyze to identify potential issues with your configuration.

Istiod Introspection

Describes how to use ControlZ to get insight into a running istiod component.

Component Logging

Describes how to use component-level logging to get insights into a running component's behavior.