Join us for the first IstioCon in 2021!

IstioCon 2021 will be the inaugural conference for Istio, the industry’s most popular service mesh. In its inaugural year, IstioCon will be 100% virtual, connecting community members across the globe with Istio’s ecosystem. This conference will take place at the end of February.

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All the information related to IstioCon will be published on the conference website. IstioCon provides an opportunity to showcase the lessons learned from running Istio in production, hands-on experiences from the Istio community, and will feature maintainers from across the Istio ecosystem. At this time, we encourage Istio users, developers, partners, and advocates to submit a session proposal through the conference’s CFP portal. The conference offers a mix of keynotes, technical talks, lightning talks, workshops, and roadmap sessions. Choose from the following formats to submit a session proposal for IstioCon:

  • Presentation: 40 minute presentation, maximum of 2 speakers
  • Panel: 40 minutes of discussion among 3 to 5 speakers
  • Workshop: 160 minute (2h 40m), in-depth, hands-on presentation with 1–4 speakers
  • Lighting Talk: 10 minute presentation, limited to 1 speaker

This community-led event also has in store two social hours to take the load off and mesh with the Istio community, vendors, and maintainers. Participation in the event is free of charge, and will only require participants to register in order to join.

Stay tuned to hear more about this conference, and we hope you can join us at the first IstioCon in 2021!

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