Announcing Istio 1.6.1

Patch Release

This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.6.0 and Istio 1.6.1.


  • Fixed support for pod annotations to override mesh-wide proxy settings
  • Updated EnvoyFilter to register all filter types in order to support typed_config attributes (Issue 23909)
  • Fixed handling of custom resource names for Gateways (Issue 23303)
  • Fixed an issue where istiod fails to issue certificates to a remote cluster. Istiod now has support for the cluster name and certificate to generate the injectionURL (Issue 23879)
  • Fixed remote cluster’s validation controller to check istiod’s ready status endpoint (Issue 23945)
  • Improved regexp fields validation to match Envoy’s validation (Issue 23436)
  • Fixed istioctl analyze to validate resources (Issue 24064)
  • Fixed typo of istio in ControlZ dashboard log (Issue 24039)
  • Fixed tar name to directory translation (Issue 23635)
  • Improved certificate management for multi-cluster and virtual machine setup from samples/certs directory to install/tools/certs directory
  • Improved pilot-agent’s handling of client certificates when only a CA client certificate is present
  • Improved istiocl upgrade to direct users to the website to migrate from v1alpha1 security policies to v1beta1 security policies
  • Fixed release URL name for istioctl upgrade
  • Fixed k8s.overlays for cluster resources
  • Fixed HTTP/HTTP2 conflict at Gateway (Issue 24061 and Issue 19690)
  • Fixed Istio operator to respect the --operatorNamespace argument (Issue 24073)
  • Fixed Istio operator hanging when uninstalling Istio (Issue 24038)
  • Fixed TCP metadata exchange for upstream clusters that specify http2_protocol_options (Issue 23907)
  • Added sideEffects field to MutatingWebhookConfiguration for istio-sidecar-injector (Issue 23485)
  • Improved installation for replicated control planes (Issue 23871)
  • Fixed istioctl experimental precheck to report compatible versions of Kubernetes (1.14-1.18) (Issue 24132)
  • Fixed Istio operator namespace mismatches that caused a resource leak when pruning resources (Issue 24222)
  • Fixed SDS Agent failing to start when proxy uses file mounted certs for Gateways (Issue 23646)
  • Fixed TCP over HTTP conflicts that caused invalid configuration to be generated (Issue 24084)
  • Fixed the use of external name when remote Pilot address is a hostname (Issue 24155)
  • Fixed Istio CNI node DaemonSet starting when Istio CNI and cos_containerd are enabled on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) (Issue 23643)
  • Fixed Istio CNI causing pod initialization to experience a 30-40 second delay on startup when DNS unreachable (Issue 23770)
  • Improved Google Stackdriver telemetry use of UIDs with GCE VMs
  • Improved telemetry plugins to not crash due invalid configuration (Issue 23865)
  • Fixed a proxy sidecar segfault when the response to HTTP calls by WASM filters are empty (Issue 23890)
  • Fixed a proxy sidecar segfault while parsing CEL expressions (Issue 497)

Bookinfo sample application security fixes

We’ve updated the versions of Node.js and jQuery used in the Bookinfo sample application. Node.js has been upgraded from version 12.9 to 12.18. jQuery has been updated from version 2.1.4 to version 3.5.0. The highest rated vulnerability fixed: HTTP request smuggling using malformed Transfer-Encoding header (Critical) (CVE-2019-15605)

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