Announcing Istio 1.5.2

Patch Release

This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.5.1 and Istio 1.5.2.


  • Fixed Istiod deployment lacking label used by the matching PodDisruptionBudget (Issue 22267)
  • Fixed Custom Istio installation with istioctl not working using external charts (Issue 22368)
  • Fixed Panic in istio-init with GKE+COS and interceptionMode: TPROXY (Issue 22500)
  • Fixed Logging for validation by sending warnings to stdErr (Issue 22496)
  • Fixed Kiali not working when external Prometheus link used for the IstioOperator API (Issue 22510)
  • Fixed Istio agent should calculate grace period based on the cert TTL, not client-side settings (Issue 22226]
  • Fixed Incorrect error message referring to incorrect CLI option for the istioctl kube-inject command (Issue 22501)
  • Fixed IstioOperator validation of slice (Issue 21915)
  • Fixed Race condition caused by read/write of rootCert and rootCertExpireTime not always being protected (Issue 22627)
  • Fixed BlackHoleCluster HTTP metrics broken with Telemetry v2 (Issue 21385)
  • Fixed istio-init container failing when Istio CNI is enabled (Issue 22695)
  • Fixed istioctl does not set gateway name for multiple gateways (Issue 22703)
  • Fixed Unstable inbound bind address when configuring a sidecar ingress listener without bind address (Issue 22830)
  • Fixed Proxy pods for Istio 1.4 not showing up when upgrading from Istio 1.4 to 1.5 using default profile (Issue 22841)
  • Fixed PersistentVolumeClaim for Grafana not being created in the namespace specified in the IstioOperator spec (Issue 22835)
  • Fixed istio-sidecar-injector and istiod related pods crashing when applying new manifest through istioctl because alwaysInjectSelector and neverInjectSelector are not correctly indented in the istio-sidecar-injector config map (Issue 23027)
  • Fixed Prometheus scraping failing in CNI injected pods because the default excludeInboundPort configuration does not include port 15090 (Issue 23038)
  • Fixed Lightstep secret volume issue causing the bundled Prometheus to not install correctly with Istio operator (Issue 23078)
  • Fixed Avoid using host header to extract destination service name at gateway in default Telemetry V2 configuration.
  • Fixed Zipkin: Fix wrongly rendered timestamp value (Issue 22968)
  • Improved Add annotations for setting CPU/memory limits on sidecar (Issue 16126)
  • Improved Enable rewriteAppHTTPProbe annotation for liveness probe rewrite by default(Issue 10357)
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