Change Notes

Traffic management

  • Added support for mirroring a percentage of traffic.
  • Improved the Envoy sidecar. The Envoy sidecar now exits when it crashes. This change makes it easier to see whether or not the Envoy sidecar is healthy.
  • Improved Pilot to skip sending redundant configuration to Envoy when no changes are required.
  • Improved headless services to avoid conflicts with different services on the same port.
  • Disabled default circuit breakers.
  • Updated the default regex engine to re2. Please see the Upgrade Notes for details.



  • Added experimental in-proxy telemetry reporting to Stackdriver.
  • Improved support for in-proxy Prometheus generation of HTTP service metrics (from experimental to alpha).
  • Improved telemetry collection for blocked and passthrough external service traffic.
  • Added the option to configure stat patterns for Envoy stats.
  • Added the inbound and outbound prefixes to the Envoy HTTP stats to specify traffic direction.
  • Improved reporting of telemetry for traffic that goes through an egress gateway.

Configuration management

  • Added multiple validation checks to the istioctl analyze sub-command.
  • Added the experimental option to enable validation messages for Istio resource statuses.
  • Added OpenAPI v3 schema validation of Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs). Please see the Upgrade Notes for details.
  • Added client-go libraries to access Istio APIs.


  • Added the experimental operator controller for dynamic updates to an Istio installation.
  • Removed the proxy_init Docker image. Instead, the istio-init container reuses the proxyv2 image.
  • Updated the base image to ubuntu:bionic.


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