Announcing Istio 1.2.8

Patch Release

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Istio 1.2.8. Please see below for what’s changed.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug introduced by our October 8th security release which incorrectly calculated HTTP header and body sizes (Issue 17735).

  • Fix a minor bug where endpoints still remained in /clusters while scaling a deployment to 0 replica (Issue 14336).

  • Fix Helm upgrade process to correctly update mesh policy for mutual TLS (Issue 16170).

  • Fix inconsistencies in the destination service label for TCP connection opened/closed metrics (Issue 17234).

  • Fix the Istio secret cleanup mechanism (Issue 17122).

  • Fix the Mixer Stackdriver adapter encoding process to handle invalid UTF-8 (Issue 16966).


  • Add pilot support for the new failure domain labels: zone and region.
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