Configuration Analysis Messages

istioctl provides rich analysis of Istio configuration state in order to identity invalid or suboptimal configurations. Here’s is a list of the distinct possible error or warning messages produced by this analysis.

IST0001: InternalError

There was an internal error in the toolchain. This is almost always a bug in the implementation.

IST0002: Deprecated

A feature that the configuration is depending on is now deprecated.

IST0101: ReferencedResourceNotFound

A resource being referenced does not exist.

IST0102: NamespaceNotInjected

A namespace is not enabled for Istio injection.

IST0103: PodMissingProxy

A pod is missing the Istio proxy.

IST0104: GatewayPortNotOnWorkload

Unhandled gateway port

IST0105: IstioProxyVersionMismatch

The version of the Istio proxy running on the pod does not match the version used by the istio injector.

IST0106: SchemaValidationError

The resource has a schema validation error.

IST0107: MisplacedAnnotation

An Istio annotation is applied to the wrong kind of resource.

IST0108: UnknownAnnotation

An Istio annotation is not recognized for any kind of resource

IST0109: ConflictingMeshGatewayVirtualServiceHosts

Conflicting hosts on VirtualServices associated with mesh gateway

IST0110: ConflictingSidecarWorkloadSelectors

A Sidecar resource selects the same workloads as another Sidecar resource

IST0111: MultipleSidecarsWithoutWorkloadSelectors

More than one sidecar resource in a namespace has no workload selector

IST0112: VirtualServiceDestinationPortSelectorRequired

A VirtualService routes to a service with more than one port exposed, but does not specify which to use.

IST0119: JwtFailureDueToInvalidServicePortPrefix

Authentication policy with JWT targets Service with invalid port specification.