Bookinfo Application - Multicluster

This example complements the simplified multicluster setup procedure. It shows you how to deploy Istio’s classic Bookinfo sample application across a multicluster mesh.

Getting it running

  1. Start by following these instructions which will show you how to configure a 3 cluster mesh.

  2. Download the script and saved it into the working directory created in the previous step.

  3. Run the downloaded script:

    $ ./ install

    This will deploy Bookinfo on all the clusters in the mesh.

Showing that its working

Now that Bookinfo has been deployed to all clusters, we can disable some of its service in some of its clusters, and then see that the overall app continues to be responsive, indicating that traffic transparently flows between clusters as needed.

Let’s disable a few services:

$ for DEPLOYMENT in details-v1 productpage-v1 reviews-v2 reviews-v3; do
$    kubectl --context=context-east-1 scale deployment ${DEPLOYMENT} --replicas=0
$ done
$ for DEPLOYMENT in details-v1 reviews-v2 reviews-v3 ratings-v1; do
$    kubectl --context=context-east-2 scale deployment ${DEPLOYMENT} --replicas=0
$ done
$ for DEPLOYMENT in productpage-v1 reviews-v2 reviews-v1 ratings-v1; do
$    kubectl --context=context-west-1 scale deployment ${DEPLOYMENT} --replicas=0
$ done

Now use Bookinfo normally to demonstrate that the multicluster deployment is working properly.

Clean up

You can remove Bookinfo from all clusters with:

$ ./ uninstall
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