Announcing Istio 0.4

This release has only got a few weeks’ worth of changes, as we stabilize our monthly release process. In addition to the usual pile of bug fixes and performance improvements, this release includes the items below.

0.3 DOCS


  • Cloud Foundry. Added minimum Pilot support for the Cloud Foundry platform, making it possible for Pilot to discover CF services and service instances.

  • Circonus. Mixer now includes an adapter for the Circonus analytics and monitoring platform.

  • Pilot Metrics. Pilot now collects metrics for diagnostics.

  • Helm Charts. We now provide Helm charts to install Istio.

  • Enhanced Attribute Expressions. Mixer’s expression language gained a few new functions to make it easier to write policy rules. Learn more

If you’re into the nitty-gritty details, you can see our more detailed low-level release notes here.