Diagram Creation Guidelines

Welcome to the Istio diagram guide!

The guide is available as an SVG file or as a Google Drawings file to allow you to reuse the shapes and styles with ease. Use these guidelines to create SVG diagrams for the Istio website using any vector graphics tool like Google Drawings, Inkscape, or Illustrator. Please ensure that the text in your diagrams remains editable.

Our goal is to drive consistency across all diagrams in our website to ensure diagrams are clear, technically accurate, and accessible.

Keeping the text editable allows the community to improve and change the diagrams as needed.

To create your diagrams, follow these steps:

  1. Refer to the guide and copy-paste from it as needed.
  2. Connect the shapes with the appropriate style of line.
  3. Label the shapes and lines with descriptive yet short text.
  4. Add a legend for any labels that apply multiple times.
  5. Contribute your diagram to our documentation.

If you create the diagram in Google Drawings, follow these steps:

  1. Put your diagram in our shared drive.
  2. When the diagram is complete, export it as SVG and include the SVG file in your PR.
  3. Leave a comment in the Markdown file containing the diagram with the URL to the Google Drawings file.

If your diagram depicts a process, do not add the descriptions of the steps to the diagram. Instead, only add the numbers of the steps to the diagram and add the descriptions of the steps as a numbered list in the document. Ensure that the numbers on the list match the numbers on your diagram. This approach helps make diagrams easier to understand and the content more accessible.

Thank you for contributing to the Istio documentation!

The Istio diagram creation guidelines in SVG format.
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