Pull Policy for WebAssembly Modules

The WasmPlugin API provides a method for distributing Wasm modules to proxies. Since each proxy will pull Wasm modules from a remote registry or an HTTP server, understanding how Istio chooses to pull modules is important in terms of usability as well as performance.

Image pull policy and exceptions

Analogous to ImagePullPolicy of Kubernetes, WasmPlugin also has the notion of IfNotPresent and Always, which means “use the cached module” and “always pull the module regardless of the cache”, respectively.

Users explicitly configure the behavior for Wasm module retrieval with the ImagePullPolicy field. However, user-provided behavior can be overridden by Istio in the following scenarios:

  1. If the user sets sha256 in WasmPlugin, regardless of ImagePullPolicy, IfNotPresent policy is used.
  2. If the url field points to an OCI image and it has a digest suffix (e.g., gcr.io/foo/bar@sha256:0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef), IfNotPresent policy is used.

When ImagePullPolicy is not specified for a resource, Istio defaults to IfNotPresent behavior. However, if the provided url field specifies an OCI image that has a tag value of latest, Istio will use Always behavior.

Lifecycle of cached modules

Each proxy, whether a sidecar proxy or a gateway, caches Wasm modules. The lifetime of the cached Wasm module is therefore bounded by the lifetime of the corresponding pod. In addition, there is an expiration mechanism for keeping the proxy memory footprint to a minimum: if a cached Wasm module is not used for a certain amount of the time, the module is purged.

This expiration can be configured via the environment variables WASM_MODULE_EXPIRY and WASM_PURGE_INTERVAL of pilot-proxy, which are the duration of expiration and the interval for checking the expiration respectively.

The meaning of “Always”

In Kubernetes, ImagePullPolicy: Always means that an image is pulled directly from its source each time a pod is created. Every time a new pod is started, Kubernetes pulls the image anew.

For a WasmPlugin, ImagePullPolicy: Always means that Istio will pull an image directly from its source each time the corresponding WasmPlugin Kubernetes resource is created or changed. Please note that a change not only in spec but also metadata triggers the pulling of a Wasm module when the Always policy is used. This can mean that an image is pulled from source several times over the lifetime of a pod, and over the lifetime of an individual proxy.

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