Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Follow these instructions to prepare an OKE cluster for Istio.

  1. Create a new OKE cluster within your OCI tenancy. The simplest way to do this is by using the ‘Quick Cluster’ option within the web console. You may also use the OCI cli as shown below.

    $ oci ce cluster create --name oke-cluster1 \
        --kubernetes-version <preferred version> \
        --vcn-id <vcn-ocid> \
        --service-lb-subnet-ids [] \
  2. Retrieve your credentials for kubectl using the OCI cli.

    $ oci ce cluster create-kubeconfig \
        --file <path/to/config> \
        --cluster-id <cluster-ocid>
  3. Grant cluster administrator (admin) permissions to the current user. To create the necessary RBAC rules for Istio, the current user requires admin permissions.

    $ kubectl create clusterrolebinding cluster-admin-binding \
        --clusterrole=cluster-admin \