Kubernetes Env

The kubernetesenv adapter extracts information from a Kubernetes environment and produces attributes that can be used in downstream adapters.

This adapter supports the kubernetes template.


Configuration parameters for the kubernetes adapter. These params control the manner in which the kubernetes adapter discovers and generates values related to pod information.

The adapter works by looking up pod information by UIDs (of the form: “kubernetes://pod.namespace”). It expects that the UIDs will be supplied in an input map for three distinct traffic classes (source, destination, and origin).

For all valid UIDs supplied, this adapter generates output values containing information about the related pods.


File path to discover kubeconfig. For in-cluster configuration, this should be left unset. For local configuration, this should be set to the path of a kubeconfig file that can be used to reach a kubernetes API server.

NOTE: The kubernetesenv adapter will use the value of the KUBECONFIG environment variable in the case where it is set (overriding any value configured through this proto).

Default: “” (unset)


Controls the resync period of the Kubernetes cluster info cache. The cache will watch for events and every so often completely resync. This controls how frequently the complete resync occurs.

Default: 5 minutes


Namespace of the secret created for multicluster support.

Details on multicluster and the Kubernetes secret required to access the remote cluster’s credentials can be found in multicluster install.

NOTE: If cluster_registries_namespace is not set then the environment variable POD_NAMESPACE is checked/used. If POD_NAMESPACE is not set then cluster_registries_namespace defaults to “istio-system”.

Default: “istio-system”