Authorization Too Restrictive

When you first enable authorization for a service, all requests are denied by default. After you add one or more authorization policies, then matching requests should flow through. If all requests continue to be denied, you can try the following:

  1. Make sure there is no typo in your policy YAML file.

  2. Avoid enabling authorization for Istio Control Planes Components, including Mixer, Pilot, Ingress. Istio authorization policy is designed for authorizing access to services in Istio Mesh. Enabling it for Istio Control Planes Components may cause unexpected behavior.

  3. Make sure that your ServiceRoleBinding and referred ServiceRole objects are in the same namespace (by checking “metadata”/”namespace” line).

  4. Make sure that your service role and service role binding policies don’t use any HTTP only fields for TCP services. Otherwise, Istio ignores the policies as if they didn’t exist.

  5. In Kubernetes environment, make sure all services in a ServiceRole object are in the same namespace as the ServiceRole itself. For example, if a service in a ServiceRole object is a.default.svc.cluster.local, the ServiceRole must be in the default namespace (metadata/namespace line should be default). For non-Kubernetes environments, all ServiceRoles and ServiceRoleBindings for a mesh should be in the same namespace.

  6. Visit Debugging Authorization to find out the exact cause.