Announcing Istio 1.2.1

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Istio 1.2.1. Please see below for what’s changed.

Bug fixes

  • Fix duplicate CRD being generated in the install (Issue 14976)
  • Fix Mixer unable to start when Galley is disabled (Issue 14841)
  • Fix environment variable shadowing (NAMESPACE is used for listened namespaces and overwrites Citadel storage namespace (istio-system))
  • Fix cause of ‘TLS error: Secret is not supplied by SDS’ errors during upgrade (Issue 15020)

Minor enhancements

  • Allow users to disable Istio default retries by setting retries to 0 (Issue 14900)
  • Introduction of a Redis filter (this feature is guarded with the environment feature flag PILOT_ENABLE_REDIS_FILTER, disabled by default)
  • Add HTTP/1.0 support to gateway configuration generation (Issue 13085)
  • Add toleration for Istio components (Pull Request 15081)