Announcing Istio 1.1.1

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Istio 1.1.1. Please see below for what’s changed.

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

  • Configure Prometheus to monitor Citadel (Issue 12175)
  • Improve output of istioctl verify-install command (Issue 12174)
  • Reduce log level for missing service account messages for a SPIFFE URI (Issue 12108)
  • Fix broken path on the opt-in SDS feature’s Unix domain socket (Issue 12688)
  • Fix Envoy tracing that was preventing a child span from being created if the parent span was propagated with an empty string (Envoy Issue 6263)
  • Add namespace scoping to the Gateway ‘port’ names. This fixes two issues:
    • IngressGateway only respects first port 443 Gateway definition (Issue 11509)
    • Istio IngressGateway routing broken with two different gateways with same port name (SDS) (Issue 12500)
  • Five bug fixes for locality weighted load balancing:
    • Fix bug causing empty endpoints per locality (Issue 12610)
    • Apply locality weighted load balancing configuration correctly (Issue 12587)
    • Locality label istio-locality in Kubernetes should not contain /, use . (Issue 12582)
    • Fix crash in locality load balancing (Issue 12649)
    • Fix bug in locality load balancing normalization (Issue 12579)
  • Propagate Envoy Metrics Service configuration (Issue 12569)
  • Do not apply VirtualService rule to the wrong gateway (Issue 10313)