Announcing Istio 1.7.5

Istio 1.7.5 patch release.

Nov 19, 2020

This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.7.4 and Istio 1.7.5


Upgrade Notice

When upgrading your Istio data plane from 1.7.x (where x < 5) to 1.7.5 or newer, you may observe connectivity issues between your gateway and your sidecars or among your sidecars with 503 errors in the log. This happens when 1.7.5+ proxies send HTTP 1xx or 204 response codes with headers that 1.7.x proxies reject. To fix this, upgrade all your proxies (gateways and sidecars) to 1.7.5+ as soon as possible. (Issue 29427, More information)