Announcing Istio's acceptance as a CNCF project

Sep 28, 2022 | By Istio Steering Committee

We are pleased to share that Istio is now an official incubating CNCF project.

In April, Istio applied to become a CNCF project. Today, the TOC announced they have voted to accept our application.

This journey began with Istio’s inception in 2016. We are grateful for all who have collaborated over the last six years on Istio’s design, development, and deployment.

We especially appreciate the efforts of TOC sponsor Dave Zolotusky, TAG Network, and the engineering teams at Airbnb, Intuit, Splunk, and WP Engine for sharing their feedback as end users.

While project work continues uninterrupted, with the acceptance of Istio, we now will begin the processes of transferring trademarks and build infrastructure to CNCF ownership. We are hard at work on our upcoming 1.16 release, while continuing to collect feedback on ambient mesh and driving it to production readiness. Our project members are currently electing our community representatives to the Steering Committee for the next year.

As a CNCF project, we will now be much more visible at KubeCon NA in October. Come to the maintainer session, find us in the project pavilion, or grab an Istio t-shirt at the CNCF Store. Watch our Twitter throughout the conference for more exciting updates!