Steering and TOC updates

An election announcement and an election result.

Jun 29, 2021 | By Istio Steering Committee

Last year we introduced a new Steering Committee charter, which shares governance responsibilities between Contribution Seats, selected based on contributions to the project, and Community Seats, elected by the project members. We elected four members, with the committee representing seven different companies.

It’s now time to kick off our 2021 election for Community Seats. Members have two weeks to submit nominations, and voting will run from 12 to 25 July. You can learn all about the election, including how to stand and how to vote, in the istio/community repository on GitHub.

Just like last year, any project member can stand for election. All Istio members who have been active in the last 12 months are eligible to vote.

Technical Oversight Committee updates

We wish to offer our thanks to Dan Berg and Joshua Blatt, both long-time contributors to the Istio project, who have recently taken new jobs outside the service mesh space. That left two vacancies on the Istio Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), responsible for cross-cutting product and design decisions.

TOC members are elected by the Steering Committee from the working group leads, and last week we voted for two new members:

Congratulations to John and Brian!

As our new TOC members step into their roles, they will be vacating their current positions as working group leads. We are always on the lookout for community members who are interested in joining, or leading, Istio working groups. If you’re interested, please reach out in the working group channels on Slack, or during the public working group meetings of your interest.