Istio has a new discussion board.

Jan 10, 2019 | By

We in the Istio community have been working to find the right medium for users to engage with other members of the community – to ask questions, to get help from other users, and to engage with developers working on the project.

We’ve tried several different avenues, but each has had some downsides. RocketChat was our most recent endeavor, but the lack of certain features (for example, threading) meant it wasn’t ideal for any longer discussions around a single issue. It also led to a dilemma for some users – when should I email and when should I use RocketChat?

We think we’ve found the right balance of features in a single platform, and we’re happy to announce It’s a full-featured forum where we will have discussions about Istio from here on out. It will allow you to ask a question and get threaded replies! As a real bonus, you can use your GitHub identity.

If you prefer emails, you can configure it to send emails just like Google groups did.

We will be marking our Google groups “read only” so that the content remains, but we ask you to send further questions over to If you have any outstanding questions or discussions in the groups, please move the conversation over.

Happy meshing!