Istio 1.14 Upgrade Notes

Important changes to consider when upgrading to Istio 1.14.0.

May 24, 2022

When you upgrade from Istio 1.13.x to Istio 1.14.0, you need to consider the changes on this page. These notes detail the changes which purposefully break backwards compatibility with Istio 1.14.0. The notes also mention changes which preserve backwards compatibility while introducing new behavior. Changes are only included if the new behavior would be unexpected to a user of Istio 1.13.x. Users upgrading from 1.12.x to Istio 1.14.0 should also reference the 1.13.0 change logs.

gogo/protobuf library migration

The and libraries have switched from using the gogo/protobuf to using the golang/protobuf library for API types.

This change does not have any impact on typical Istio users, but rather impacts users importing Istio as a Go library.

For these users, upgrading the Istio libraries will likely cause compilation issues. These issues are typically simple to address, and largely syntactical. The Go blog on the new protobuf API can help with migration.