Setup FAQ

Kubernetes - How can I debug problems with automatic sidecar injection?

Ensure that your cluster has met the prerequisites for the automatic sidecar injection. If your microservice is deployed in kube-system, kube-public or istio-system namespaces, they are exempted from automatic sidecar injection. Please use a different namespace instead.

Kubernetes - Can I migrate an existing installation from Istio 0.1.x to 0.2.x?

Upgrading from Istio 0.1.x to 0.2.x is not supported. You must uninstall Istio 0.1, including pods with Istio sidecars and start with a fresh install of Istio 0.2.

Consul - My application isn't working, where can I troubleshoot this?

Please ensure all required containers are running: etcd, istio-apiserver, consul, registrator, pilot. If one of them is not running, you may find the {containerID} using docker ps -a and then use docker logs {containerID} to read the logs.

Consul - How do I unset the context changed by kubectl at the end?

Your kubectl is switched to use the Istio context at the end of the kubectl use-context istio command. You can use kubectl config get-contexts to obtain the list of contexts and kubectl config use-context {desired-context} to switch to use your desired context.