Feature Status

This page lists the relative maturity and support level of every Istio feature. Please note that the phases (Alpha, Beta, and Stable) are applied to individual features within the project, not to the project as a whole. Here is a high level description of what these labels mean.

Feature phase definitions

PurposeDemo-able, works end-to-end but has limitationsUsable in production, not a toy anymoreDependable, production hardened
APINo guarantees on backward compatibilityAPIs are versionedDependable, production-worthy. APIs are versioned, with automated version conversion for backward compatibility
PerformanceNot quantified or guaranteedNot quantified or guaranteedPerformance (latency/scale) is quantified, documented, with guarantees against regression
Deprecation PolicyNoneWeak - 3 monthsDependable, Firm. 1 year notice will be provided before changes

Istio features

Below is our list of existing features and their current phases. This information will be updated after every monthly release.

Traffic Management

Protocols: HTTP1.1 / HTTP2 / gRPC / TCPStable
Protocols: Websockets / MongoDBStable
Traffic Control: label/content based routing, traffic shiftingStable
Resilience features: timeouts, retries, connection pools, outlier detectionStable
Gateway: Ingress, Egress for all protocolsStable
TLS termination and SNI Support in GatewaysStable
Enabling custom filters in EnvoyAlpha
CNI container interfaceAlpha
Sidecar APIAlpha
SNI (multiple certs) at ingressAlpha


Prometheus IntegrationStable
Local Logging (STDIO)Stable
Statsd IntegrationStable
Client and Server Telemetry ReportingStable
Service Dashboard in GrafanaStable
Istio Component Dashboard in GrafanaStable
Stackdriver IntegrationBeta
Distributed Tracing to Zipkin / JaegerBeta
Service TracingBeta
Logging with FluentdBeta
Trace SamplingBeta

Security and Policy Enforcement

Deny CheckerStable
List CheckerStable
Pluggable Key/Cert Support for Istio CAStable
Service-to-service mutual TLSStable
Kubernetes: Service Credential DistributionStable
VM: Service Credential DistributionBeta
Mutual TLS MigrationBeta
Authentication policyAlpha
End User (JWT) AuthenticationAlpha
OPA CheckerAlpha
Authorization (RBAC)Alpha
Per-Path AuthenticationAlpha
TCP AuthorizationAlpha
Cert management on Ingress GatewayAlpha
Vault integrationAlpha
SDS IntegrationAlpha


Kubernetes: Envoy Installation and Traffic InterceptionStable
Kubernetes: Istio Control Plane InstallationStable
Attribute Expression LanguageStable
Mixer In-Process Adapter Authoring ModelDeprecated
Mixer Out-of-Process Adapter Authoring ModelBeta
Multicluster Mesh over VPNAlpha
Kubernetes: Istio Control Plane UpgradeBeta
Consul IntegrationAlpha
Basic Configuration Resource ValidationAlpha
Mixer Self MonitoringBeta
Custom Mixer Build Modeldeprecated
Out of Process Mixer Adapters (gRPC Adapters)Beta
Istio CNI pluginAlpha