The quota template represents an item for which to check quota.

Example config:

apiVersion: "config.istio.io/v1alpha2"
kind: quota
  name: requestcount
  namespace: istio-system
    source: source.labels["app"] | source.service | "unknown"
    sourceVersion: source.labels["version"] | "unknown"
    destination: destination.labels["app"] | destination.service | "unknown"
    destinationVersion: destination.labels["version"] | "unknown"


The quota template represents a piece of data to check Quota for.

When writing the configuration, the value for the fields associated with this template can either be a literal or an expression. Please note that if the datatype of a field is not istio.policy.v1beta1.Value, then the expression’s inferred type must match the datatype of the field.

dimensionsmap<string, istio.policy.v1beta1.Value>

The unique identity of the particular quota to manipulate.


An instance field of type Value denotes that the expression for the field is of dynamic type and can evalaute to any ValueType enum values. For example, when authoring an instance configuration for a template that has a field data of type istio.policy.v1beta1.Value, both of the following expressions are valid data: source.ip | ip(""), data: request.id | ""; the resulting type is either ValueType.IP_ADDRESS or ValueType.STRING for the two cases respectively.

Objects of type Value are also passed to the adapters during request-time. There is a 1:1 mapping between oneof fields in Value and enum values inside ValueType. Depending on the expression’s evaluated ValueType, the equivalent oneof field in Value is populated by Mixer and passed to the adapters.

stringValuestring (oneof)

Used for values of type STRING

int64Valueint64 (oneof)

Used for values of type INT64

doubleValuedouble (oneof)

Used for values of type DOUBLE

boolValuebool (oneof)

Used for values of type BOOL

ipAddressValueistio.policy.v1beta1.IPAddress (oneof)

Used for values of type IPAddress

timestampValueistio.policy.v1beta1.TimeStamp (oneof)

Used for values of type TIMESTAMP

durationValueistio.policy.v1beta1.Duration (oneof)

Used for values of type DURATION

emailAddressValueistio.policy.v1beta1.EmailAddress (oneof)

Used for values of type EmailAddress

dnsNameValueistio.policy.v1beta1.DNSName (oneof)

Used for values of type DNSName

uriValueistio.policy.v1beta1.Uri (oneof)

Used for values of type Uri