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Blog posts for 2018.

Announcing Istio 1.0.5

Istio 1.0.5 patch release.

Incremental Istio Part 1, Traffic Management

How to use Istio for traffic management without deploying sidecar proxies.

Announcing Istio 1.0.4

Istio 1.0.4 patch release.

Announcing Istio 1.0.3

Istio 1.0.3 patch release.

Announcing Istio 1.0.2

Istio 1.0.2 patch release.

Announcing Istio 1.0.1

Istio 1.0.1 patch release.

All Day Istio Twitch Stream

Istio hosting an all day Twitch stream to celebrate the 1.0 release.

Istio a Game Changer for HP's FitStation Platform

How HP is building its next-generation footwear personalization platform on Istio.

Announcing Istio 1.0

Istio is ready for production use with its 1.0 release.

Delayering Istio with AppSwitch

Automatic application onboarding and latency optimizations using AppSwitch.

Micro-Segmentation with Istio Authorization

Describe Istio's authorization feature and how to use it in various use cases.

Exporting Logs to BigQuery, GCS, Pub/Sub through Stackdriver

How to export Istio Access Logs to different sinks like BigQuery, GCS, Pub/Sub through Stackdriver.

Introducing the Istio v1alpha3 routing API

Introduction, motivation and design principles for the Istio v1alpha3 routing API.

Configuring Istio Ingress with AWS NLB

Describes how to configure Istio ingress with a network load balancer on AWS.

Istio Soft Multi-tenancy Support

Using Kubernetes namespaces and RBAC to create an Istio soft multi-tenancy environment.

Traffic Mirroring with Istio for Testing in Production

An introduction to safer, lower-risk deployments and release to production.

Consuming External TCP Services

Describes a simple scenario based on Istio's Bookinfo example.

Consuming External Web Services

Describes a simple scenario based on Istio's Bookinfo example.