Icon Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

We are very grateful to the security researchers and users that report back Istio security vulnerabilities. We investigate every report thoroughly.

To make a report, send an email to the private vulnerabilities@discuss.istio.io mailing list with the vulnerability details. For normal product bugs unrelated to latent security vulnerabilities, please head to our Reporting Bugs page to learn what to do.

When to report a security vulnerability?

Send us a report whenever you:

  • Think Istio has a potential security vulnerability.
  • Are unsure whether or how a vulnerability affects Istio.
  • Think a vulnerability is present in another project that Istio depends on. For example, Envoy, Docker, or Kubernetes.

When not to report a security vulnerability?

Don't send a vulnerability report if:

  • You need help tuning Istio components for security.
  • You need help applying security related updates.
  • Your issue is not security related.

Security vulnerability response

The Istio security team acknowledges and analyzes each report within three work days.

Any vulnerability information you share with the Istio security team stays within the Istio project. We don't disseminate the information to other projects. We only share the information as needed to fix the issue.

We keep the reporter updated as the status of the security issue moves from triaged, to identified fix, to release planning.

Public disclosure timing

The Istio security team and the bug submitter negotiate a public disclosure date between them. We prefer to fully disclose the bug as soon as possible once a user mitigation is available. We consider reasonable to delay disclosure when the bug or the fix is not yet fully understood, the solution is not well-tested, or for vendor coordination. The time frame for disclosure is from immediate, especially if the bug is known publicly already, to a few weeks. As a basic default, we expect the report date and the disclosure date to be on the order of seven days apart. The Istio security team holds the final say on setting a disclosure date.