Icon Istio 0.1

Istio 0.1 is the initial release of Istio. It works in a single Kubernetes cluster and supports the following features:

  • Installation of Istio into a Kubernetes namespace with a single command.
  • Semi-automated injection of Envoy proxies into Kubernetes pods.
  • Automatic traffic capture for Kubernetes pods using iptables.
  • In-cluster load balancing for HTTP, gRPC, and TCP traffic.
  • Support for timeouts, retries with budgets, and circuit breakers.
  • Istio-integrated Kubernetes Ingress support (Istio acts as an Ingress Controller).
  • Fine-grained traffic routing controls, including A/B testing, canarying, red/black deployments.
  • Flexible in-memory rate limiting.
  • L7 telemetry and logging for HTTP and gRPC using Prometheus.
  • Grafana dashboards showing per-service L7 metrics.
  • Request tracing through Envoy with Zipkin.
  • Service-to-service authentication using mutual TLS.
  • Simple service-to-service authorization using deny expressions.