Icon Reporting Bugs

Oh no! You found a bug?

Search our issue database to see if we already know about your problem and learn about when we think we can fix it. If you don't find your problem in the database, please open a new issue and let us know what's going on.

If you think a bug is in fact a security vulnerability, please visit Reporting Security Vulnerabilities to learn what to do.

If you're running on Kubernetes, consider including a cluster state archive in your bug report.

Generating a cluster state archive

For convenience, you can run a dump script to produce an archive containing all of the needed state from your Kubernetes cluster:

  • Run via curl:

    $ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/istio/istio/release-1.0/tools/dump_kubernetes.sh | sh -s -- -z
  • Run locally, from the release directory's root:

    $ @tools/dump_kubernetes.sh@ -z

Then attach the produced istio-dump.tar.gz with your reported problem.

If you are unable to use the dump script, please attach your own archive containing:

  • Pods, services, deployments, and endpoints across all namespaces:

    $ kubectl get pods,services,deployments,endpoints --all-namespaces -o yaml > k8s_resources.yaml
  • Secret names in istio-system:

    $ kubectl --namespace istio-system get secrets
  • configmaps in the istio-system namespace:

    $ kubectl --namespace istio-system get cm -o yaml
  • Current and previous logs from all Istio components and sidecar

  • Mixer logs:

    $ kubectl logs -n istio-system -l istio=mixer -c mixer
    $ kubectl logs -n istio-system -l istio=policy -c mixer
    $ kubectl logs -n istio-system -l istio=telemetry -c mixer
  • Pilot logs:

    $ kubectl logs -n istio-system -l istio=pilot -c discovery
    $ kubectl logs -n istio-system -l istio=pilot -c istio-proxy
  • All Istio configuration artifacts:

    $ kubectl get $(kubectl get crd  --no-headers | awk '{printf "%s,",$1}END{printf "attributemanifests.config.istio.io\n"}') --all-namespaces