The apikey template represents a single API key, which is used for authorization checks.

Example config:

apiVersion: "config.istio.io/v1alpha2"
kind: apikey
  name: validate-apikey
  namespace: istio-system
  api: api.service | ""
  api_version: api.version | ""
  api_operation: api.operation | ""
  api_key: api.key | ""
  timestamp: request.time


The apikey template represents a single API key, used to authorize API calls.

Field Type Description
api string

The API being called (api.service).

apiVersion string

The version of the API (api.version).

apiOperation string

The API operation is being called.

apiKey string

API key used in API call.

timestamp istio.policy.v1beta1.TimeStamp

Timestamp of API call.


An instance field of type TimeStamp denotes that the expression for the field must evalaute to ValueType.TIMESTAMP

Objects of type TimeStamp are also passed to the adapters during request-time for the instance fields of type TimeStamp

Field Type Description
value google.protobuf.Timestamp

TimeStamp encoded as google.protobuf.Timestamp.