The opa adapter exposes an Open Policy Agent engine that provides sophisticated access control mechanisms.

This adapter supports the authorization template.


Configuration format for the opa adapter.

Example configuration:

  - |+
    package mixerauthz
    policy = [
        "rule": {
          "verbs": [
          "users": [

    default allow = false

    allow = true {
      rule = policy[_].rule
      input.subject.user = rule.users[_]
      input.action.method = rule.verbs[_]
checkMethod: "data.mixerauthz.allow"
failClose: true
Field Type Description
policy string[]

List of OPA policies

checkMethod string

Query method to check. Format: data..

failClose bool

Close the client request when adapter has a issue. If failClose is set to true and there is a runtime error, instead of disabling the adapter, close the client request