The list adapter makes it possible to perform simple whitelist or blacklist checks. You can configure the adapter with the list to check, or you can point it to a URL from where the list should be fetched. Lists can be simple strings, IP addresses, or regex patterns.

This adapter supports the listentry template.


Configuration format for the list adapter.

Field Type Description
providerUrl string

Where to find the list to check against. This may be ommited for a completely local list.

refreshInterval google.protobuf.Duration

Determines how often the provider is polled for an updated list

ttl google.protobuf.Duration

Indicates how long to keep a list before discarding it. Typically, the TTL value should be set to noticeably longer (> 2x) than the refresh interval to ensure continued operation in the face of transient server outages.

cachingInterval google.protobuf.Duration

Indicates the amount of time a caller of this adapter can cache an answer before it should ask the adapter again.

cachingUseCount int32

Indicates the number of times a caller of this adapter can use a cached answer before it should ask the adapter again.

overrides string[]

List entries that are consulted first, before the list from the server

entryType Params.ListEntryType

Determines the kind of list entry and overrides.

blacklist bool

Whether the list operates as a blacklist or a whitelist.


Determines the type of list that the adapter is consulting.

Name Description

List entries are treated as plain strings.


List entries are treated as case-insensitive strings.


List entries are treated as IP addresses and ranges.


List entries are treated as re2 regexp. See here for the supported syntax.