From here you can learn all about Istio's architecture and how to deploy and use Istio.

  • Concepts. Concepts explain some significant aspect of Istio. This is where you can learn about what Istio does and how it does it.

  • Setup. Setup contains instructions for installing the Istio control plane in various environments, as well as instructions for installing the sidecar in the application deployment. Quick start instructions are available for Kubernetes and Docker Compose w/ Consul.

  • Tasks. Tasks show you how to do a single directed activity with Istio.

  • Guides. Guides are fully working stand-alone examples intended to highlight a particular set of Istio's features.

  • Performance and Scalability. Information about Istio's performance and scalability processes and results.

  • Reference. Detailed exhaustive lists of command-line options, configuration options, API definitions, and procedures.

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