Istio 1.17 Upgrade Notes

Important changes to consider when upgrading to Istio 1.17.

Feb 14, 2023

When you upgrade from Istio 1.16.x to Istio 1.17, you need to consider the changes on this page. These notes detail the changes which purposefully break backwards compatibility with Istio 1.16.x. The notes also mention changes which preserve backwards compatibility while introducing new behavior. Changes are only included if the new behavior would be unexpected to a user of Istio 1.16.x. Users upgrading from 1.15.x to Istio 1.17 should also reference the 1.16 change notes.

Gateway naming scheme updated

If you are using the Kubernetes Gateway to manage your Istio gateways, the names of the Kubernetes Deployment and Service has been modified. The default Service Account used has also switched to use its own token. To continue using the old convention during upgrades, the and annotations can be used.

Client-go auth plugins removed

istioctl 1.17 contains an upgraded version of client-go with the gcp and azure auth plugins removed (similar to the kubectl 1.26 release). See kubelogin and Kubectl Auth Changes in GKE for details about the cloud-specific replacements. After migrating, be sure to update/regenerate your kubeconfig files before using istioctl.