Get involved!

Ask questions, be a part of the conversation, or contribute to Istio’s growth. Istio is an open source project that is driven by the participation of users and contributors. Join in!

How do you want to get involved?

Ask questions

There are a variety of ways to reach out to the community for input.

  1. Bring your particular Istio questions to the gamified wizards of Stack Overflow.
  2. The Istio discussion board hosts conversations with other Istio users. Join in to ask questions and discuss Istio.
  3. Join our Slack and interact live with other members of the Istio community.

Join the community

There is so much to talk about around Istio. We welcome your voice!

  1. Attend an event! Follow our calendar to see what is coming up!
  2. Follow us on Twitter - @IstioMesh

Bugs and Security

Thank you for helping to improve Istio with bug reports or security vulnerability reports.

  1. Read this quick explanation on how to report bugs, in code or in documentation.
  2. The Istio security team responds rapidly to vulnerability reports. Read how to submit an issue.

Become a contributor

Code, documentation, community: Istio welcomes your contribution! Use these links as your entry point.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Istio code of conduct and contribution guidelines.
  2. The Istio Community README is the starting point for contributors who want to work on code, docs or other parts of Istio.
  3. You can access our trove of technical content and working documents by joining the istio-team-drive-access@ Google Group.
  4. You can participate in the working groups which focus on particular areas of interest, such as docs, security, and networking.
  5. Interested in helping with Chinese language documentation? Join the Cloud Native Community(China).

Understand oversight and planning

Istio has two key committees that oversee the project: Steering and Technical Oversight.

  1. Governance and advocacy for the project are managed by the Istio Steering Committee.
  2. Technical direction and project planning is the role of the Istio Technical Oversight Committee.